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Fees and billing applied by the Xirius association

Xirius and its members are particularly concerned to establish and develop harmonious relations with their clients. 

In this regard, transparency, information and accuracy go hand in hand when it comes to setting fee levels. 

Naturally, the multiplicity of individual cases, risks and tasks involved results in an inevitable diversity in setting prices.

We nevertheless believe that from the beginning of the case, every client is entitled to receive clear information on the method of calculating the fees, expenses and disbursements he will be required to pay and on the frequency of billing.

In general, the methods of calculating fees vary according to the practice of the lawyer and the type of case: an hourly rate, possibly with a “win fee”, a fixed price or instalments in certain cases. 

Other factors may influence the calculation of fees, for example the urgency of the case, the complexity of the issue in question, the specialisation and experience of the lawyer, the scope of the case, the nature of the tasks to be performed, the chances of recovering the sums claimed, etc. 

To these fees must be added the associated expenses (typing, postage, telephone calls, copying, travel, opening and closing of the case, etc.) and the disbursements incurred (procedural expenses, administrative costs of registry office or other documents, experts’ fees etc.).

The normal practice of the Xirius association and its members is to send the customer, on commencement of the case, a detailed letter explaining the method of calculating the fees and expenses which will be incurred in the matter. 

To avoid an accumulation of outstanding fees and the resulting problems of cash flow management, an initial payment is requested on commencement of the case, then periodically according to the state of progress, services performed and costs incurred.

This procedure has the effect of preventing outstanding fee problems from disrupting the harmony and trust which are the pillars of the relationship which Xirius and its members wish to maintain with their clientele.