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A contemporary form of complementary centres of excellence

Xirius Public

Xirius Public specialise in constitutional, public and administrative law, including planning law, and international and European law.

They handle disputes and provide legal advice in these different fields.

Xirius Public was based on the team set up by Maître Jacques Putzeys, and succeeded the practice of Putzeys, Gehlen, Leurquin.

The activities of the firm are mainly:

In constitutional law:

  • General constitutional law, including constitutional litigation in the Constitutional Court.
  • Public freedom and fundamental rights, including litigation in the European Court of Human Rights
  • The law of institutions and disputes concerning competence.
  • Electoral law.
  • Parliamentary law.

Administrative law:

  • Civil service law (federal, Community, regional, local, public interest organisations and public companies).
  • Environmental law in all its fields.
  • Town and country planning law and public property law, including quarrying law.
  • Commercial incorporation law.
  • The law of expropriation.
  • The law on government contracts, including public contract law concerning award and performance, including the powers to award and the contracting authorities.
  • Public health law, including hospital, medical and pharmaceutical law.
  • Educational law, including the regulations governing teaching staff.
  • Energy law.
  • Transport law.
  • Disciplinary law governing the civil service and professional bodies.
  • Public authority law, including social security.
  • Law of joint municipal utilities and agencies.
  • Press and media law.
  • Regional and local tax law.
  • Public finance law, including the law on public companies.
  • Public authority liability law.
  • Administrative disputes of all types before the Council of State , the administrative jurisdictions and the upper and lower courts.

International and European law:

  • The law of the European Union, including proceedings before the European Tribunal of First Instance and the European Court of Justice.
  • European civil service law.
  • European public contract law.
  • European medicinal law.
  • European law relating to the liberalisation of the energy market.
  • The law relating to the conventions and institutions of the Council of Europe, including the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

The synergy created by the Xirius association means that, with the assistance of Collon & Dirix, it can offer specialist advice in all aspects of private property law arising in cases associated with planning, the environment, public property law, company incorporation, expropriation, public contracts, etc.

The office Maingain, Rigaux & Gomrée enables guidance and complementarity in all problems related to labour law, often found in matters of public office. Our clients, and in particular the public companies in the large sense of the word, will find in Bernard Maingain a precious ally in thinking about strategy choices for their company, at whatever stage it might be. The experience of Geneviève Rigaux in educational law completes once more the know-how of the office.

Similarly, the expertise of Cabinet Marlière, Magremanne & Amand can be exploited in all questions associated with tax law arising in cases concerning regional and local taxes, public financial law, public contracts, etc.

The languages used by the firm are French, Dutch, English, German and Italian.

Xirius Public