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Maingain, Rigaux & Gomrée

The Maingain, Rigaux & Gomérée law firm specialises in strategies and undertaking of comanies, human resources and social legislation.

Bernard Maingain, Geneviève Rigaux and Marie-Paule Gomrée have been working together for many years. Alexandra Vandevelde joined the team in 2011.

Problems related to people’s status in their work situation are at the core of their activities.

Marie-Paule Gomrée, Geneviève Rigaux and Alexandra Vandevelde work with social law on a daily basis.

They advise and defend persons, trading and non trading companies and public authorities concerning all aspects of social law : individual employment relations, labour organization problems, collective employment relations….

The assistance with management, training, prevention, conciliation, social dialogue and litigation are many aspects of their social law activities.

Moreover, Geneviève Rigaux has developed a knowhow within the educational sector: management of social relations within the free education subsidised by the French Community, relations between the organisational powers and the Personal Members, the parents, the students or pupils and the French Community.

Bernard Maingain assists numerous private and public business leaders in the management of their companies, and this since 30 years.

This experience enables him to consider the status of the person at work beyond the boundaries of social law, which he also practices.

His professional activity leads him to participate in many conciliations and collective negotiations on social matters and to promote the development of social dialogue, which is recentralized on the contemporary realities of the company. This brings him to assist in restructuring operations including collective dismissal, closure of businesses and pre-pensions.

He also gives advice about and works with the status of business leaders (management contract, social mandate, incentives, stock options, powers of management and share-ownership, …).

He assists several clients in their international activities: salary split, expatriation, social mandates in different countries, cumulating contracts, …

Whilst recentralizing his attention on the human dimension of the professional activity, he is asked for assistance and advice by directors of management buyout operations, of influence repartition amongst heirs and managers, at company take overs, protection of managers at placement fund and financial institutions, control take overs by management, strategy of the relations with the bank…and this in Belgium as well as abroad.

There are many synergies with the other teams of the association.

The office Collon & Dirix is the essential link for the management of human resources in their patrimonial and commercial dimension. It usefully complements the know-how of the association. You will find assistance, advice and defence in civil and commercial matters, in particular for lease, sale, real estate operations, and commercial practices.

The office Xirius Public works for several public administrations and companies, also confronted with problems of managing their human resources, occupying both personnel under statute as under a private law contract. The teams working together allow to gather experience and to compare management practices.

When it comes to tax law, the office Marlière, Magremanne & Amand closely works with our firm, particularly in matters pertaining to the tax status of remuneration and group insurance, the defence of companies with regard to the tax administration, the tax status of expatriate managers, but also in matters of corporate restructuring, mergers, …


Maingain, Rigaux & Gomrée