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Marie-Paule Gomrée

Lawyer - Social legislation; Human Resources Lawyer Xirius

Marie-Paule Gomrée has been a lawyer at the Brussels bar since 1985.

Since over twenty years, Marie-Paule Gomrée has been specialised in social law, notably in the following fields:

  • Management of social relations within companies : advice and assistance at the hiring, the performance and breaking of employment contracts, drafting of contracts, agreements and personalised deeds, labour organisation (organisation of working time, …), organisation of end of careers, assistance at social elections, state of remunerations, including social security aspects, prevention and conflict management ;
  • Social litigation : management of social law disputes, defence of the company’s interests, defence of the private individual’s interests ;
  • Legal assistance of companies at inspections by social security, control by inspection services or by other departments;
  • Organisation of social law seminars within companies concerning particular subjects or more general social law trainings;

Marie-Paule Gomrée practices in French.

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Bernard Maingain, Marie-Paule Gomrée, Alexandra Va