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Clémentine Caillet

Lawyer - Public, Constitutionnal and Administrative Law; (Social) Civil servants law; Health law; Mediation Lawyer Xirius

Clémentine Caillet has been a member of the Brussels Bar since October 2013.

As part of her graduate studies she went on an exchange in Scotland in order to perfect her English language skills. She obtained her Master’s degree in Public Law in 2013 from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Clémentine started her career at Xirius.

Between October 2013 and June 2016 she worked both for Maingain, Rigaux Gomrée and Xirius Public, as Emmanuel Jacubowitz’ associate.

Within Maingain, Rigaux, Gomrée, she drafted consultations and international contracts in English and practiced social law particularly when the English language was required.

Since June 2016 she is entirely dedicated to Xirius Public.

As such, she practices both administrative law and constitutional law, which she is especially fond of.

In addition to general administrative law cases, Clémentine Caillet deals more particularly with cases in public service (social) law and health law. In this regard she has developed a strong expertise in the financial aspects of health law, in particular concerning hospital funding,  and all related issues.

Her practice includes drafting consultations and intervening before Belgian and European courts.

Furthermore, Clémentine is an officially approved Mediator in civil and commercial matters.

She has a particular fondness for this alternative dispute resolution method through which each of the parties can express themselves freely (thanks to the confidentiality of exchanges during mediation) allowing them to find a mutually satisfying solution. The opportunity provided to the parties to choose a solution – not limited to the strict framework of either the request or the defence submitted in the course of legal proceedings – is, in her view, a major asset of this alternative dispute resolution method.

She steps in both in her capacity as a mediator as well as a mediation advisor.

She practices both in French and English.


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