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Alice Troisfontaines

Lawyer - Lawyer Xirius

Alice Troisfontaines has been a lawyer at Xirius since November 2017.

She holds a Master in Law from the Université Catholique de Louvain, with the specialization «

Civil and criminal justice».

She essentially develops her activities in the domain of public law and administrative law in general.

She usually practices procurements and public contracts as a staff member of Marie Vastmans.

Since October 2017, Alice Troisfontaines is a teaching collaborator in administrative law at the UNamur (Université de Namur).

She practices in French and English.

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L’accès des opérateurs économiques et des produits étrangers aux marchés publics

Article de Marie Vastmans, Marie Sculier et Alice Troisfontaines, publié dans Chronique des marchés publics 2013-2014, EBP